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To get the most out of your precious time in London, take a private guided tour, tailored to your interests, with one of our highly qualified and entertaining guides.

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Your day will be delivered by a guide who works tirelessly to make sure your day is everything that you want it to be, exactly to suit you, with all the best choices that you want to do and everything tailored around your special interests. We stop and start as you wish and not as the guide might find convenient. If you simply want to go ahead with thewell tried-and-tested sightseeing tours that's fine too - just relax and enjoy!

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Windsor Castle Tours

Tours of Windsor Castle and St George's Chapel are self-guided. An audio tour, which lasts approximately 2 hours, is included in the ticket price and is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Russian. Guided tours of the Castle Precincts are available at regular intervals throughout the day. Precinct tours last approximately 30 minutes and depart from the Admissions Centre. The tours are included in the ticket price.

Conquer the Tower Tours and Tours of the Great Kitchen are available in the summer months. Special tours are also available for pre-booked groups.